Accessible Remote Care Management

Experience a complete solution to remote care management. Accessible is the only RCM provider that offers all the required services under a value-based payment model.

What’s included:

  • Medical devices
  • Care management software
  • Onboarding and training
  • Clinical and technical support
  • Billing-ready data files

Why choose ARCM?


Accessible is the first home care provider to offer a complete solution for chronic care management.

Value-Based Pricing

We are the ONLY remote care management provider with value-based pricing and direct billing to CMS.

Background in Care

Other remote care management providers are tech companies. We are caregivers providing care solutions.

Improving care with innovative technology



With 24/7 care, questions, concerns, and other hassles are all taken care of in one place. Communication features also include medical emergency alerts, specifically falls, GPS alerts, and text messaging capabilities.


Remote Physical Therapy

Our CMS approved & reimbursed AI-powered platform helps keep joints moving and working without actual physical therapy. Instead, the technology is used as a guide that our certified caregivers can utilize when working with their patients.

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Brain Health Management

Accessible looks to bridge the gap between the brain and our patients’ treatment plans. ARCM measures cognitive status and changes, making it ideal for your loved one with brain health management needs.

Developed for providers of chronic care management



Prevent readmissions, improve overall ratings, and reduce the risk of audits.

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Improve care and reduce follow-up visits by 60%.

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Increase revenue and reduce healthcare utilization costs by 40%.

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Increase Your Star Rating

ARCM helps improve patient care and outcomes while leading to reduced medical costs and higher CMS Star Ratings.

How ARCM Works

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An ARCM kit is ordered by the caring physician or health care facility and delivered to the patient’s residence.

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The patient registers online for a personal account and is introduced to the 24/7 HealthVitals portal.

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The patient connects their devices over WiFi and can begin tracking their vitals immediately.

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Patient data is collected anytime devices are in use and is accessible by physicians and patients at any time.

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The 24/7 HealthVitals system will alert the physician of abnormal results enabling timely care and improved patient outcomes.

24/7 HealthVitals System

Connecting Physicians to Patients

24/7 HealthVitals is a HIPAA-compliant cloud portal that empowers healthcare professionals to monitor patient health remotely.

The system integrates with most Remote Care Management devices and supports various measurement data such as blood glucose, blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, and weight.

Features include:

Real-time data

Auto-generated alerts

Sharable reports

Video calls & messaging

Access from any device

HIPAA approved security

Empower the patient

The ARCM program enables patients to take control of their health by providing the medical devices physicians use in-office. We manage everything—shipping, setup, and support.


20 Years of Home Care Experience

While Remote Care Management is an emerging solution, the Accessible brand has been a leader in the home care industry for over 20 years providing long-term care services.

Our background within home care gives us a deep understanding of physician and patient needs because we work with them every day.

Introducing remote care management positions us with the unique opportunity of helping others to provide The Gold Standard of care to those in need.

We guarantee compassionate care, and ARCM helps us and our partners live up to that standard.


Improved care, savings, and outcomes

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HealthVitals System
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Reduction in Rehospitalization
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Reduction in Follow-up Physician Visits

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