Remote Rehabilitation Services

ARCM allows your loved one to conduct their rehabilitation needs from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Shortened Recovery Times

With the help of our ARCM services, your loved one will recover their mobility in a smaller recovery window. Our remote rehabilitation program has proven to increase patients’ confidence in the program, which allows them to recover faster.

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AI-Powered Rehabilitation

Accessible Remote Care Management has redefined physical rehabilitation, creating opportunities for optimal results in recovery from orthopedic, neurological, and movement disorders. Our remote solution is an interactive patient application that delivers AR video sessions using MoveAI™ sensorless technology to detect motion and provide real-time feedback without needing professional support.

Taking Rehabilitation to the Next Level

The latest in rehab services allows you to direct your care and recovery journey. How well you succeed is in your hands. We put convenience back into continued care. Learning your stretches and body exercises from home allows you to minimize stress about seeing the doctor or feeling incapable of doing everyday activities.

With an ever-increasing senior population, medical organizations need to rethink how care is provided and make it more accessible.

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Accessible Home Health Care in Partnership with WizeCare

WizeCare is designed to help health organizations nurture and harness their breakthrough innovation potential to advance value-based care through a hardware-less, AI-based telerehabilitation platform.