Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequent Questions for Clinicians

  • How will this save money?


    ARCM aims to save care providers and clinicians money by lowering healthcare utilization costs, preventing hospital readmission, and minimizing the need for follow-up visits from chronic patients. Lower utilization costs translate to higher margins and increased savings for your practice.

  • Will my ratings go up?


    Yes! By effectively cutting the rate of hospital readmission, ARCM can reduce bad ratings and penalties on hospitals and care providers.

    In addition to preventing bad ratings, the improved care provide through our 24/7 HealthVitals system can potentially help provide a better overall star rating for your hospital!

  • Will this keep patients out of the hospital?


    Yes, 24/7 HealthVitals will keep patients out of the hospital with consistent use of our devices. While not every hospital visit can be prevented, a large portion of them can be avoided through proper monitoring and preemptive care.

  • How will this be implemented?


    Once you partner with ARCM, you gain full access to our wide range of onboarding, adherence, and technical support tools. You can rely on our QHCPs to ensure that your patients are using our tools effectively so you can focus on care.

Common Questions for Patients

  • How does 24/7 HealthVitals work?


    Our 24/7 HealthVitals Technology works on single-input data collection, which is then transmitted via Bluetooth or RS332 cable signals.

    The transmitted data can then be used by qualified healthcare professionals to provide better care and supply more accurate advice to keep you away from the hospital.

  • Am I always being monitored?



    With single-input data collection, your device’s connection is ended every time we record new data. Since data is only recorded when the device is in use, you will never have to worry about being monitored on a constant basis.

  • Will this keep me out of the hospital?


    Yes, but only with consistent use.

    Our 24/7 HealthVitals system is designed to stop medical emergencies before they happen, and the best way we can do that is with consistent data. While not all serious events can be prevented, we believe that with proper preemptive care, 40% of hospital visits and 60% of physician visits can be avoided.

  • Who is going to help with tech problems?


    We are! Accessible Remote Care Management has a highly-trained staff of Qualified Healthcare Professionals (QHCPs) to help you set up, and maintain, and fix your device when needed.

  • How do I get set up?


    Accessible Remote Care Management will guide you through the onboarding process in conjunction with your healthcare provider to make sure there are no issues when a device is prescribed. Once the device is set up, it will be just as easy to use as a standard monitoring device!

  • What conditions does this help treat?


    While a wide range of conditions can be monitored through our devices, the 24/7 HealthVitals system is the best to fit for conditions that require some form of daily monitoring. This can include, but is not limited to:

    • Diabetes
    • Chronic and Short-term Heart Conditions
    • Weight Loss