Value-Based Pricing

ACOs, HMOs, and healthcare providers love our simple value-based pricing model. No startup costs. No monthly payments.

Only pay when you save.

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Shared savings for your care organization

Generate increased revenue and shared savings for your care organization. We provide value-based pricing and fee-for-service options made to fit your particular business model.

The cost savings delivered by ARCM vary based on multiple factors, including technology used, service options, and levels of care depending on your needs.

Cost-saving benefits:

  • No upfront costs for RCM devices
  • No recurring fees for software
  • Only pay when savings are generated

Our value-based savings model

ARCM’s value-based pricing enables ACOs, HMOS, and care providers to balance service costs with potential reimbursement by promoting a better focus of care and improved patient outcomes.

Prevent Rehospitalization

40% Less icon

Reduce Follow-Ups

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How it works

The ARCM value-based pricing model operates off the success of implementing the 24/7 HealthVitals system for your patients. If it doesn’t save you money, there are no fees to pay.

By implementing our program, clinicians can see a 40% decrease in rehospitalization and a 60% decrease in follow-up patient visits, significantly improving treatment efficacy and, in turn, CMS Star Ratings.

Under the value-based pricing model, ARCM partners will pay a portion of their savings in healthcare utilization costs as a total fee for the service.

Available CPT codes for reimbursement

The following CPT codes can be used in conjunction with ARCM services.

  • Code 99453 – Setup for RCM


    99453 is a one-time reimbursement code related to the setup of patient devices. It takes into account time spent on education and training.

    Note: It can only be used once regardless of the number of devices a patient uses.

  • Code 99454 – Supplying Devices


    99454 is related to the supply of devices to the patient when ordered by a qualified healthcare provider. The device must be defined as a “medical device” by the FDA.

    Note: This code can be reported every 30 days. However, it can be billed by only one practitioner per 30-day period regardless of the number of devices used.

  • Code 99457 – Monitoring Time


    99457 allows monthly reimbursement for time spent monitoring patient data. This includes medical decision-making, communication with the patient, and oversight of the services as needed.

    Note: CMS mandates provider services of at least 20 minutes per calendar month in order to report these services for reimbursement.

  • Code 99458 – Additional Monitoring Time


    99458 is used to cover each additional 20 minutes of remote monitoring treatment management services provided in a 30-day calendar month.

    Note: 99458 cannot be billed as a standalone code. It must be used in conjunction with 99457.

  • Code 99473 – Patient Training


    99473 provides reimbursement for patient education and calibration of devices to enable accurate self-measured blood pressure.

    Note: You can only report 99473 once per device, per patient.

  • Code 99474 – Data Collection


    99474 covers time spent reading measurement to treatment planning. It requires separate self-measurements of two readings one minute apart, twice daily over 30 days.

    Note: There is a minimum requirement of 12 readings.

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