Benefits of ARCM

Discover why more ACOs, HMOs, and healthcare providers are switching to Accessible Remote Care Management!


Our exclusive benefits

The benefits of ARCM are just as unique as our background in the healthcare industry.

What separates us?

  • Over 20 years of experience providing home care services.
  • Most remote care management vendors are technology-based companies with no hands-on experience.
  • ARCM covers every aspect of remote care management, from devices, software, training, and more.
  • We offer flexible value-based pricing with no upfront costs.
  • Our team is trained to meet the Schmitt-Thompson telehealth standards.
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Increase Your Star Rating

ARCM helps improve patient care and outcomes while leading to reduced medical costs and higher CMS Star Ratings.

Additional Benefits

Take full advantage of everything ARCM has to offer.

  • Increased savings reimbursement


    Remote patient management comes with a wide range of Medicare reimbursement codes. To see the CPT codes available for more detail, click here.

  • Reduced utilization costs


    By remotely managing patients, you can better focus your time and resources while removing any unnecessary in-office visits.

  • Improved patient outcomes


    Implement regular reminders to help patients stick to their treatment plans. ARCM gives patients better access to your care through telehealth communication and alerts.

  • Intuitive platform for physicians and patients


    ARCM is easy for physicians and patients alike. Our intuitive platform makes registering and tracking health data simple for all users.

  • Easy access to telehealth communications


    Our 24/7 HealthVitals system includes simple telehealth communications, allowing physicians and patients to connect regardless of location.

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