Accessible Remote Care Management Introduces  DANA™ Brain Vital

Accessible Remote Care Management has partnered with DANA™ Brain  Vital to bring remote cognitive care management to their clients with PTSD, Alzheimer’s,  TBI, AD/HD etc.

MARCH 1, 2023 — Accessible Remote Care Management, a provider of remote  chronic care management technology, has introduced cognitive monitoring through  DANA™ Brain Vital. The partnership allows the company to offer its ARCM and home  health care clients the option to receive simple, remote cognitive assessments. This  service gives providers a tool that can objectively measure a patient’s cognitive function  on a more frequent basis than other assessment tools. This is essential when patients  are experiencing symptoms or side effects that affect cognition and providers want to  quantify the positive or negative impact of a patient’s cognitive change. 


DANA is the only FDA-cleared remote cognitive assessment platform. The Brain Vital  data shows measurement of reaction time from the results of five-minute interactive  responses. Results show how quickly the brain responds to a variety of external signals.  Data is stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud-based location which can be accessed on  either Android or IOS devices. The fees for the test are CMS and Veteran  Administration reimbursable. 


The potential for convenience in remote care has grown in recent years, allowing more  innovations to be developed. DANA takes brain assessment and care to a higher level.  This technology assesses patients as they recover from injury or maintain mental acuity  


while working with physicians from their own homes. DANA is effective for individuals  diagnosed with PTSD, Dementia, TBI, AD/HD, medication management, and long-term  brain injuries to aid in the treatment of long or short–term remote care. 


Aarif Dahod, CEO of Accessible Remote Care Management and Accessible Home  Health Care stated, “ARCM and other providers of remote monitoring have  excellent success in managing chronic clinical conditions. DANA is the much needed platform for determining cognitive status of an individual. We believe  DANA is a perfect fit for our ARCM and home health care clients.” He added, “Being able to conduct regular cognitive assessments within their home adds to  our clients’ comfort level.” 


Abby Thompson, CRO of DANA stated, “We are excited to partner with ARCM to  offer in-home simple cognitive and psychological assessments with DANA Brain  Vital,” and added, “Our goal is to be the standard in offering valid, objective cognitive data to practitioners so they can best evaluate how their treatment plans are affecting their patients’ cognitive function over time.”


About Accessible Remote Care Management and Accessible Home Health Care 

Founded in 2001, Accessible Home Health Care provides compassionate home health  care to support families and keep seniors safe in the homes they love. Accessible Home  Health Care offers customizable in-home health care services. The home health care  industry is in transition, and the demand is outpacing caregiver resources. 

Thus, Accessible Remote Care Management was launched with the use of multiple  innovative technology solutions to enhance patients’ experiences, reduce health care  costs, and provide tools for caregivers to provide a higher level of care. For more  information about Accessible Remote Care Management, visit


About DANA 

DANA™ is an FDA-cleared suite of cognitive and psychological assessments that  measures subtle and acute changes in cognitive resilience and speed to aid in  assessing an individual’s medical or psychological state. It provides a wealth of data – from single glance top-level scores to intensively detailed trial-by-trial data – and gives  an over-time, visual representation of a person’s cognitive development side-by-side  with psychological test scores. For more information about DANA, visit